Producer's Chair

From Our Founder

Calling all actors, dancers, directors and playwrights. Trained and untrained. Together we will produce the kinds of works and dazzling performances that will redeliver a human sensibility that will ultimately reshape our world like never before. Now is the time, we the artists are more determined than ever.  We the artists will unite and gather our collective forces and summon the mighty thespians, creative warriors, playwrights, and artistic minds and together we will decimate social injustice.

With our creative and captive imaginations, we will use our creative spirit to unite and produce creative works that will resonate around the world. Together as a powerful single force, our sharpest point of the spear will be our creative wit and unity and with that we will weaponize our creative forces. Protected by an impregnable shield of anti-racism to avenge and reclaim our rightful place in the creative community of the world. Filmmakers and theatre artists will support one another, will teach and retell the healing stories that will give us a sense of humanity and place in the world. We will transform and transmogrify the world and get back or forward to a brand new normal. This is the new theatre.