Who We Are

Our mission

To increase the community awareness of the significant contributions of African-Americans and others in the community whose stories and experiences enrich the lives of others.

To promote the development of performing arts in the form of training, creative development and producing professional works at the highest level of performance quality while serving the local community members with access to those performances.

Phillip Bernard Smith Founder

We are

From dreams to reality.

Mahogany Stage Productions, LLC brings together passionate creative professionals to collaborate exclusively with your project to develop your concept to a compelling cinematic or theatrical work for a commercial audience. No longer will you be limited to traditional formats and old methods of telling your stories. As a creative producer for your project we help move your vision through the various stages of development with specific attention to your vision. Our commitment to you gives you a state of the art cutting edge product in a fast pace ever changing environment.

About Mahogany Stage productions

We’re an African-American professionally owned company in the Durham and Raleigh area. We offer artist development, method acting training and collaborative workshops in the areas of film and theatrical productions. We are committed to addressing the needs of underserved audiences in our community. Biologists have argued that the formation of creativity was the most important step in human development, and that society cannot move forward without creative people.

Sometimes creative ideas escape you. Before you have a chance to put the thoughts together they often disappear. In isolation you can lose the big concepts. Great big concepts are the result of huge imaginative minds that don’t wait around or ask for permission. When the big idea strikes, you’ll want to be ready to go to work on your vision. You will need to be surrounded by creative people invested in you and seeing your concepts come to life. Once you immerse yourself deep into your creative pool you will learn quickly that keeping the body of work afloat takes more than just having a great idea. You need the creative professionals and the resources available to realize your dreams.

Why Mahogany Stage Productions

We are dedicated creatives who champion your vision to a place where viability to commercial venues is possible. If you have the creative courage to see your dreams come to reality, Mahogany Stage Productions, LLC is right for you.